Does your current solution offer round-the-clock availability across all relevant time zones, extensive foreign language skills and sensitivity to local cultures, customs and practices?

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You moved on from other outdated things.

Introducing the future for challenging wind downs of investment funds.

FTI Capital Management offers a new alternative to maximise returns for investors in a sensible timescale. We are an SEC Registered Investment Adviser with the ability to deploy leading industry experts worldwide, and return capital in a focused and cost effective way.

Extract value for
  • More sophisticated approach than director-led or liquidation wind downs with value generation at its core.
  • Incentivised to maximise value from remaining assets in a sensible timescale.
  • Focus on minimising ongoing fees and expenses.
Flexible and value driven
fee structures
  • Attractive fee structure with compensation based on amount and timing of returns.
  • No large fixed management fees.
  • Complete alignment of interests of investors.
  • Ability to defer fees for extended periods to achieve optimal returns from positions.
Strong track
  • Having wound down over 67 fund entities with assets under management in excess of USD$1.2 billion, we have a proven track record of getting results in difficult circumstances.
  • Adviser to 97 of the world’s top 100 law firms.
  • 56 of Fortune Global 100 corporations are clients. Adviser to world’s top 10 bank holding companies.

The above statements refer to FTI Consulting Inc and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates. The wind down engagements were performed by those entities or their respective professionals prior to the formation of FTI Capital Management (Cayman) Limited.

SEC registered investment adviser
  • Our involvement will promote trust and confidence amongst investors that there is proper oversight, control and full accountability.
  • Registration with both the SEC and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority allows us to deal with both onshore and offshore entities within a fund structure.
  • Our investment adviser status, combined with FTI Consulting’s reputation, global presence, expertise and resources, will bring credibility to all counterparty dealings.
A multi-disciplinary

As a wholly owned subsidiary of FTI Consulting Inc, our investment management team can offer:

  • The ability to deploy 3,600+ professionals in 28 countries worldwide.
  • Round-the-clock availability across all relevant time zones, extensive foreign language skills and sensitivity to local cultures, customs and practices.
  • Vast resources to deal with diverse investment portfolios, including market leading industry experts with hands‐on management and operational experience in 16 different industries.
  • A wide range of complementary services, such as restructuring, interim management, valuation, accounting, transaction advisory, performance improvement, data analytics, tax, forensic investigation, litigation consulting, corporate governance and regulatory advisory.
  • Targeted expertise, close industry relationships and proprietary databases, which are vital to identifying interested parties and achieving the best return.
  • Investment banking subsidiary and SEC registered Broker Dealer, FTI Capital Advisers LLC, to assist with M&A, refinancing and other exit opportunities.
Maintains intended
corporate governance
  • By replacing the existing manager, we maintain the intended governance structure of the Fund.
  • Governing documents and regulatory requirements must be observed and not ignored simply because a fund is winding down.
  • The timing and terms of an asset disposal represents an investment decision. As such, it should be based on the recommendation of a qualified, experienced and regulated investment adviser, not an independent director responsible for corporate governance.
  • Avoids any perception of distress or value destruction often associated with liquidation.
  • More likely to obtain investor support than for less familiar wind down options.
Wind down
  • We are not a traditional investment adviser motivated or distracted by raising and deploying new capital. We are a wind down focused manager with the specialist skills, expertise and experience to exit complex or illiquid positions and return capital to investors.
  • Most managers will not take on other portfolios without re-setting the high water mark for performance fees. We offer a milestone based approach based on returns, which is usually far more appealing to investors in wind down situations.
  • New alternative to traditional investment managers and complete independence in that we are not owned or controlled by a larger investment management group.
  • With no involvement in prior investment decisions, we have no conflicts of interest or emotional attachments to positions.
  • We bring objectivity to our commercial analysis and identify the optimal realisation strategies without being constrained by prior views, decisions or recommendations

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